windows live messenger 9 xp + vista version

ماسنجر 9 تحميل ماسwindows live messenger 9 xp + vista version  تشغيل اكثر من ماسنجر.

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Download Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta

ويندوز لايف ماسنجر 9

mwl9-BETA-logo تحميل ويندوز لايف مسنجر 2009

ماسنجر تسعة اصدار كامل مكمل بحجم 17

ميجا ماسنجر 9 له مميزات كثيرة مثل السابق مثل ارسال رسالة اوف لاين

و مثل قبول اضافة من ماسنجر ياهو yahoo

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رابط مباشر كامل المحتويات بحجم 115 ميجا

رابط تحميل الهوت ميل الجديد 2010 العربى

برنامج ماسنجر لايف 2009 ماسنجر 209 هوتميل تسعة

برنامج Windows Live Messenger 9 .0.1407.1107

Windows Live Messenger for Vista Available

The final version of Microsoft’s new IM (instant message) client, which is optimized for Windows Vista, is now out.

Windows Live Messenger 8.1 offers enhancements that make it more compatible with Vista, which had its widespread consumer release earlier this week.

What’s New

Updates in the IM client include new looks for emoticons, contacts and display photos that take advantage of Vista’s new and improved user interface, Microsoft said.

Microsoft also added the ability to send an SMS (Short Message Service) to a phone number or add phone numbers for contacts by clicking on a cell-phone icon in the client’s main window. Also new is the ability to send a personal message when users want to add a new contact to their contact list.

Windows Live Messenger 8.1 also includes a “roaming identity” feature that allows not only a person’s display name to follow users any place they sign into, but also their display picture and personal message.

In addition to new features, the software’s final version corrects a problem users were having with beta versions, according to a post on the Inside Windows Live Messenger blog, which is written by members of the team working on the product.

A user with an old version of Adobe Systems’ Flash technology on Vista used to crash the Windows Live Messenger 8.1 beta client, wrote Nicole Steinbok, product manager for Windows Live Messenger. However, the final version of the software fixes that.

Yahoo Updating Messenger for Vista

Microsoft rival Yahoo also plans a release of its Yahoo Messenger IM client that is optimized for Vista. Yahoo previewed the IM client at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, and will put out a beta by June, with a version to follow in the third quarter of the year.

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